Sunday, February 14, 2010

Horizons 1: Ready For Departure

Hello everyone! My name is Justin and this is my blog documenting my experience with the Walt Disney World College Program for fall 2010 or fall advantage 2010. So last week I submitted my application and selected roles I wanted to have for the CP. For those of you who don't know, role is one of the many words in Disney's vocabulary, and in fact it just means position. So the three roles I chose were: Character Performer, Attractions, and Vacation Planner. I would be happy with any of these, but Character Performer is my number one top choice, Character Performer could mean anything from being Pluto, or performing in a parade down Main Street. Character Performers also require a separate audition which will take place in Boston on March 24th. The audition will consist of teaching the audition-ers a simple dance, then asked to perform a mime of a task such as "baking a cake" or "opening a gift." If I pass those I will become a Walt Disney World Performer!

Friday February 12th at 9:15PM was my scheduled interview and when 9:16PM passed and no phone call, which immediately set in hysteria of "they will never call me!" Then my phone rang and I sprinted to a quiet room, had the best interview of my life and hung up the phone with confidence!!!

I have to wait 3-4 weeks to hear about Attractions and Vacation Planning, and once I audition if I get in I'll be a Character Performer!

That's all from me today people, please keep your fingers crossed for me.
Have a Magical Day!

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